That was one of my biggest projects ever! I was asked by an interior design studio to help out with a bunch of murals, a handpainted wayfinding system and some other illustrations for a rental apartment building in Leipzig. This building has 6 levels, around 40 rooms on each of them and a looot of white walls. The challenge was to add more personality, uniqueness and a fun spirit to all these floors. We wanted to turn this house into a place where students and young professionals would absolutely love to stay and where they feel comfortable. The colour palette was limited (but not the amount of walls), so we went for a design style that looked handmade but also quite simple. I collected positive quotes and created around 20 individual letterings that will hopefully lighten up everybodys day.

But not enough of that. I also handpainted the complete wayfinding system, 270 room numbers and a numerous bunch of small single illustrations to bring even more fun into this house. The amount of work definitely was super challenging but the result was worth every single paint stroke!

  • Client:OHJA GmbH for Smart Living Leipzig
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