Always so nice to see when your work turns into a poster campaign! Butter agency Duesseldorf asked me to do some letterings for their client Duesseldorf waterworks. You might know that i‘m a big fan of "subtle" irony so the wordings hit my sense of humor immediately. The first poster says: "Refreshment without blablabla" and the second one "No volcano mountain stream hullabaloo". So the campaign makes fun of the super fancy hipster water products and highly recommends the normal and pure household water which is the best to drink!

The big challenge was the drop shape of the letterings as they should look like coming out of a faucet. Not the easiest thing with these looong German words. Plus the legibility was super important which means to handle script styles and flourishes carefully. The work turned out great and the posters also were animated!

Agency: Butter Düsseldorf
Art director: Florian Neuhaus
Art buying: Paul Seitz

  • Client:Butter Düsseldorf for Düsseldorf Wasserwerke
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