Meet Up Freelance Designer

The adorable Lisa Koch runs a freelance designer platform and asked me to give a little talk for the next meet up event in Berlin. First I doubted that my not-absolutely-matchless-rocket-wohoo-carreer path could be an example of interest for anybody. Actually I went slower, checking now and then what I wanted and followed my intuition. Even after years of successfully freelancing I felt a little bit insecure now and then or that I need to readjust my focus. But all that helped me to stay with me and to find my own rhythm. And hey, more than seven years of running my own business can not lie. So of course I am a successfull! And that’s what I wanted to tell the people.

I was so happy that a lot of people felt inspired by my talk and that I could motivate the shit out of them. The response was so positive that it encouraged me in return as well! Thank you guys for being such a nice community and Lisa, of course, for inviting me!

© Photos by Jennifer Thomas, Berlin